Building the Energy-Efficient Office

Learn how to increase your office's energy efficiency and minimize its carbon footprint over time.

Our lives are defined by the buildings we use. They not only influence how we behave in a space but, in many ways, dictate how we live, work, eat, and play. Their characteristics, design, look, feel, and technical standards shape our productivity, moods, well-being, and relationships with others. And every building, as well as its many components, consumes electricity.

In today’s age of skyrocketing energy prices and an increasingly environmentally conscious public, building energy consumption is something that organizations must fully understand and control.

In Building the Energy-Efficient Office, you’ll deepen your understanding of:

  • What’s going on in the market when it comes to net-zero targets and new energy efficiency standards
  • Common challenges that arise when creating energy-efficient buildings
  • Steps your organization can take to improve energy efficiency now, and more.
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