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Powerful Space Management Software for Professional Schedulers

Whether you are planning a departmental meeting, a VIP executive luncheon with major donors or the next televised Presidential debate, Accruent’s event management platform delivers seamless control and visibility into your campus events.

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Control More with a Dynamic Scheduling Platform

Minimize your administrative effort by reducing the steps needed to manage an event. Create and approve reservations and services, generate and distribute reports, and take advantage of the full capabilities of a configurable, dynamic scheduling platform.


Complete planning control 

Simplify the process of approving room requests, booking large-scale events or communicating with service providers. 

Connect spaces, services and resources 

Say goodbye to the days of costly, unwanted deliveries, delays or disruptions caused by ordering mistakes, miscommunication or last-minute changes. 

Eliminate missed communications 

Avoid meeting disasters with automated notifications – available on multiple devices and platforms – so that no detail is overlooked, and everyone stays informed.

Follow-up on events with a professional touch 

Consolidate and manage all your internal and external invoicing from a single system.

Comprehensive Management in a Single System

Whether you are approving room requests, booking large-scale events or communicating with service providers, Accruent simplifies the process at each step along the way.

Create Customized Scheduling Processes

Create online request forms and require approval or additional information for specific requests.

Communicate Details Via Digital Signage

Integrate with a variety of signs and kiosks to promote events, publish calendars and offer up-to-date event details.

Save Time for Planning Future Events

Clone recurring meetings and capture details such as catering preferences and video conferencing.

Link All Documentation to Reservations

Attach all relevant services and documentation to a booking and add comments where needed for easy reference.

Utilize Sophisticated Event Reporting

Reference more than 100 built-in reports covering sales, billing, resources, attendees and production.

Provide Security Where Necessary

Display or hide event information based on room, status or event type, and add security personnel to automated event notifications.

Eliminate Missed Communications

Avoid meeting disasters by enabling and delivering automated notifications – available on multiple devices and platforms – so that no detail is overlooked.

Coordinate and automate communications:

Alleviate the need for one-off emails and manual processes with change alerts and email notifications.

Send alerts to specific individuals:

Designate individuals to be automatically emailed of any changes or cancellations.

Use daily reports to align pre-meeting tasks:

Automatically email daily reports prior to a meeting or event.

Follow Up with a Professional Touch

Consolidate and manage all your internal and external invoicing needs.

Generate and Track Invoices 

Create invoices prior to meetings or events and update and track associated deposits, payments and adjustments.

Create Flexible Offerings 

Offer a variety of pricing options including hourly, half-day and full-day flat rates.

Integrate with Accounting Systems 

Post billing transaction reports directly into your accounting system.

Creating a One-Stop Option for Event Requests


Learn how Rochester Institute of Technology improved customer satisfaction with Accruent’s EMS event management solution.

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