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We’re saving time in each step of our drawing review process. Workflows in RedEye make us more efficient"
Jordan Byles
    , Electrical Engineer, Coronado Global Resources

Key Benefits of RedEye

Centralized repository

Obtain a cloud-based single source of truth to efficiently store, markup, and share native CAD and work-in-progress engineering drawings. Say goodbye to inaccuracies and version control issues.

Slash admin time

Eliminate costly hours wasted finding  up-to-date drawings. Enhance handover drawing quality with automation, identifying missing XREFs, PlotStyles, or Fonts ensuring all crucial details are included.

Protect compliance and IP

Enforce compliance through custom workflows that streamline business processes. Safeguard your intellectual property by storing and working on native files.

A secure, integrated digital ecosystem

Integrate with, complement and extend DMS functionality into your existing ERP, EAM, GIS, safety and other core business systems, helping facilitate a seamless digital experience.

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Key Capabilities of RedEye

Fast search

Slash drawing discovery time with RedEye's robust search capabilities. Utilize rich metadata, GIS and QR codes for instant retrieval.

Efficient version control

Empower your team with current information by maintaining drawing and document version control to ensure your team has access to the right asset information and its history.

Mobilize your teams

Empower in-field teams to find files, markup and share drawings on the go with our iOS and Android companion apps.

Compliant and secure

RedEye is an ISO 27001 compliant and secure digital solution. We store your data onshore in secure AWS servers, giving you peace of mind over the security of your data.