Peace of Mind Through Peak Facility Performance

ServiceChannel empowers facilities and store operations teams to provide the best possible guest and employee experience.

Selecting the Right Partner for Facility Management Transformation

Leading brands across industries rely on ServiceChannel to accelerate the performance of every asset, service provider, and location.


Tap into the world’s largest provider network

Over 70,000 vendors utilize the ServiceChannel Provider Marketplace, often endorsing it as their favorite platform. Whether you’re searching directly or want us to manage your network, our Marketplace sources the highest-performing providers. Make faster repairs with better quality and lower costs for work done right the first time.


Reduce costs for R&M while improving your operation performance

By identifying issues before they become major problems, you can reduce the costs associated with emergency repairs, equipment downtime, and energy use.


Strengthen your brand image and grow your sales

To grow your brand and sales, ensure your locations are in top shape and ready to serve guests daily. Avoid lost sales due to downtime and free up your staff to focus on sales and guests rather than repairs. Grow your store count without losing control of your brand.


Drive revenue with scalability

A scalable facilities program is key to growing your business. ServiceChannel works with you as your needs evolve to scale with more automation. It allows you to expand without increasing headcount, cut wasted R&M spending, increase operating profit, and optimize TCO by using R&M data. The solution’s open API also supports streamlining integrations.


Collaborative approach to facilities management

If you don't have the time to chase down every emergency work order, ServiceChannel’s managed services have you covered. Together, we design a data-driven program for getting peak performance from your assets and providers. Its team helps with your daily operations, so you can focus on serving your customers and evolving your business.