Accruent Expands Telecom Lifecycle Management Solutions with Latest Offerings

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Accruent Expands Telecom Lifecycle Management Solutions with Latest Offerings

Telecom Lifecycle Management Solutions

The telecom industry is becoming more complex. As a result, Accruent is introducing new solutions in lease accounting, forecasting work volume and managing contracts and invoices for service providers. This comprehensive, holistic portfolio of telecom solutions can be fully integrated with our existing software.

FASB/IASB Compliance

Our lease accounting solution and our site lifecycle management solution work conjunctively, so customers can access integral business information from within our lease accounting or site management solution. This integration allows our telecommunications customers to track the number of assets and leases per site, including how much they should be paying or receiving per site, while ensuring compliance with FASB/IASB lease accounting standards

Field Service Management with Ease

In telecommunications, field service management is a critical component of operations, so the ability to integrate a field service management solution with site and asset data is a highly sought-after request. To meet this need, Accruent is integrating site lifecycle management with its field service solution, allowing site data to inform the site access process, including scheduling visits and controlling restrictions to manage the flow of parties with access to the site. This integration gives field technicians the ability to work on or offline. 

Forecasting & Planning

For field service managers, a managerial view of the current utilization of the workforce is an essential component of executing productivity. With Accruent, forecasting work volume to make resource-planning decisions is smarter and more efficient. Field service managers can now predict work volume and project demand for the next month, quarter, or year, based on historical data. These predictions ensure the long-term future size and make-up of the workforce is optimized against project demand, while validating current resource availability against short-term work levels. 

Customer Service Agreement & Revenue

Beyond forecasting, service providers can take advantage of another new addition to our field service management solution, specifically around contracts and invoices. The Customer Service Agreement & Revenue module of our field service management solution enables setup of customer-specific contracts, including defining pricing and service terms on multiple levels – from the customer company level to geographic locations and down to an individual asset. After the work is completed, service providers can invoice and charge correctly according to the specific terms defined. 

With the need to better serve a wider scope of the telecommunications industry’s needs, Accruent’s telecom solutions now cover a broad range of the site lifecycle to help our customers increase operational efficiency. As more changes are introduced to the telecommunications industry, we’ll be there to simplify the process.

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