For years, the telecommunications industry has been using Siterra, an Accruent product, to manage their sites, assets, and projects.

Tower companies, mobile network operators and service providers across the globe have utilized Siterra’s site-centric, SaaS solution to manage their physical assets and operations. Recently though, Accruent has expanded the telecommunications offering to become a comprehensive, holistic portfolio that encompasses a much broader scope of the telecommunications industry landscape. As evidenced by conversations with our customers across multiple geographies, and the trending topics that appear more and more prevalent at shows such as Mobile World Congress, the traditional telco portfolio is changing. As a result, Accruent’s portfolio is changing, too.

In addition to managing all project, asset and lease data associated with telecommunication sites, Accruent now provides solutions for:

  • FASB ASC 842 and IASB IFRS 16 lease accounting compliance. Accruent’s market-tested, proven solution for real estate and equipment lease accounting is a huge asset to telcos that need to track and account for hundreds, if not thousands, of leases.
  • Field workforce management with mobile offline capability. More than just a scheduling and dispatching solution, Accruent helps you optimize resource allocation, forecast high volumes of work demand, and automate the contracting and invoicing processes when working with contractors.
  • IoT remote monitoring with efficient hardware integration. As telcos shift towards data-based decisions for managing expenses, remote monitoring of lights, fuel, power and assets is an increasingly popular method of staying on top of the maintenance backlog. Accruent’s software solution for remote monitoring integrates with virtually any IoT sensor to provide easily digestible, actionable insights into your data.
  • Document management with multi-CAD integration. Managing thousands of engineering or maintenance documents is simplified with Accruent’s document management solution. You can control access rights to certain documents, make updates and edits to documents without worrying about version control, and ensure that asset information is up-to-date and accurate.
  • Site inspection with customizable templates. Cut site survey time in half with onsite data collection and customizable survey templates that ensure the accuracy, uniformity and quality of collected data.

Accruent empowers your mission of enabling mobile/data communications by increasing operational efficiency across your network. Our portfolio of solutions simplifies site selection, drives network buildout, provides intelligent insights into preventive maintenance decisions, delivers clarity into network revenue and expense obligations, optimizes technician scheduling, and transforms remote monitoring data into strategic actions.

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