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Published: May 14 2019

Accruent to Help Newcastle Falcons Rugby Improve Health, Safety & Comfort

In March 2019, Accruent became a proud sponsor of the Newcastle Falcons, an English Premiership Rugby team in Newcastle, England.

As an extension of this exciting partnership, both parties agreed to conduct a condition survey of the Falcons stadium using Accruent’s Kykloud software because of its increased speed, accuracy, quality of data collection and reporting during the survey, with the ultimate goal of driving operational effectiveness and safety standards across the entire stadium.

The owner of the club, Semore Kurdi, spoke of the importance of a Kykloud condition survey as part of their investment decision for upcoming stadium expansion, saying “technology that can improve the livelihood and safety of the players, staff and fans is of paramount importance to the Falcons. We want them to come to the ground with just one concern—whether or not we will win! The team at Accruent has shown us how we can remain focussed on that one issue, as their software takes care of everything else.”

During the survey, Accruent was able to show the condition of the facility in terms of age, design, construction methods and materials in real time using Kykloud’s mobile functionality. This demonstrated how Kykloud could help improve not only the health, safety and comfort of the team, but also the fans.

Using Kykloud revealed inefficiencies in facilities management. Through facility condition assessments, we were able to uncover what needed to be fixed first and why, while also figuring out what issues impacted customers the most. Creating a better customer experience helps to ensure that buildings are in the best running condition to avoid more considerable costs later.

Conducting the condition assessment.

Accruent sent a cross-functional team to conduct the condition assessment. The team, led by Kykloud Co-Founder Ed Bartlett, featured some of Accruent’s best and brightest software engineers, test engineers and professional services teams.

Conducting the condition assessment served two key purposes:

  1. To provide the Falcons’ Club with a world-class report and valuable input for their pending smart capital investment decisions.
  2. As a learning experience for the Accruent team to improve their software development.

By receiving immediate feedback from the Falcons during the initial survey, Accruent has already been able to make continual, simultaneous improvements to the Kykloud software. Additionally, the report delivered to the Falcons will also help the Club make smarter decisions based on real condition data to estimate their future capital investments.

Marius van Aswegen, managing director for Accruent’s Kykloud, went on to say, “Our team had an opportunity to gain valuable field experience and fuel our efforts to continuously improve our technology.”

Perspective on the day.

Being customer-inspired is a hallmark of Accruent’s mission and methodology. As such, it was a privilege to partner with the Falcons to conduct this survey. Below are some observations from the Accruent team:

“Millions of people around the world write and test software. It is highly likely that those people may never see their software in actual use out there in the real world. We did and for us, it goes towards being Customer Inspired.”
Ian Carrick, Manager Software Engineering

“After working on the Kykloud product for the last seven years as a tester, it was great to have an opportunity to see how our customers would use the survey app in the ‘real world.’ I was able to take away some improvements for roadmap implementation!”
David Shand, Sr. Test Manager

“We were able to test and demonstrate the power of Kykloud’s capital planning and reporting functionality, by generating cost planning scenarios and preventive maintenance schedules using the captured data.”
Amy Bradburn, Implementation Professional Services

Accruent has a proven track record when it comes to surveying world-class stadiums.

Accruent has a proven track record when it comes to surveying world-class stadiums. In 2015, we were selected to compile schedules of condition for the stadia being used as part of the Rugby World Cup 2015, which included St James’ Park.

Our Kykloud solution is highly versatile and can be utilized to assess any building, or collection of buildings, worldwide to provide estate owners of the best way to invest in capital. To learn more about the value of a condition assessment survey for your building, office or stadium, schedule a demo today!

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