Whether you have a distributed portfolio or a small facility management team, vendors can augment your success and ensure that you are quickly responding and completing work orders.

There are challenges that come with leveraging vendors, however. They may not be aware of standardized operating procedures that you have in place. In addition, because they have a varying workload, they may not be able to meet the service-level agreements that you have in place, either.

These challenges can be managed to align vendors with your success. In doing so, you can improve the quality of work and tenant satisfaction, while driving your team’s productivity.

Leverage a centralized database

To start, leverage a centralized database. Using a database to track your vendor information, including contact details and certificates of insurance, can ensure that you have the information that you need to be successful. If you have an automated solution with unlimited users, you can create a secure profile to streamline your communication with them. Most vendors are open to this, as it also makes their jobs easier.


Use internal surveys

After you have a vendor conduct work, use surveys internally to gain feedback. Particularly if you have locations spread across a region or a country, these surveys can help gauge the quality of work when your team does not have an opportunity to do so.

The surveys—which are best when short—can provide insight into whether the issue was resolved.


Create a preferred vendor status

With this information, you can create a preferred vendor status within your CMMS solution. Using this preferred vendor status, you can automate the assignment of work orders to save time and get them into your facility quicker when issues arise. Building relationships with vendors goes beyond sending them work order requests.

For instance, you can host an open house with your preferred vendors so they can learn more about your staff and internal processes. As a result, they will more in tune with your team’s goals and priorities and help drive success for the facility and maintenance management team.