How much time do your technicians spend trying to find the equipment that they need to conduct maintenance on?

The mobility of assets in the hospital environment can make it challenging, if not impossible, to find the equipment that requires preventive or corrective maintenance. Without knowing the location of biomedical equipment in real-time, your technicians may not be able to find equipment when they need to. As a result, preventive maintenance may be skipped and, in some cases, may result in claiming the equipment as lost and unnecessarily replacing it.

Using a real-time location system (RTLS) can benefit your organization in a number of ways. Because it eliminates the process of manually finding equipment within the hospital campus, you can drastically improve technician productivity—ensuring they are spending time conducting maintenance rather than going on a scavenger hunt.

In addition, when you integrate with your computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) solution like TMS, you can easily track mobile medical assets. As a result, you will be more efficient in managing the lifecycle of capital assets across the enterprise and, in turn, improve both safety and regulatory compliance.

At the organizational level, there are also several benefits of integrating RTLS with your CMMS:

  • Maintain accurate asset supply levels.
  • Extend asset life by locating and performing preventive maintenance tasks.
  • Determine the status of an asset to determine if it is available for use.

Integrating your CMMS with a real-time location system (RTLS) can also increase technician productivity by eliminating the need for them to search for the location of equipment. Instead, they can log in to the CMMS and immediately see where the asset is currently located. By having real-time visibility of assets from your CMMS, you can eliminate the need for duplicate data entry and minimize data entry errors.

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