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Published: Aug 31 2017

In a Changing Market, QSRs Looking at Ways to Save Time

America’s first opportunity to get a taste of fast food was from those McDonald’s golden arches in 1940. Since then we’ve seen first-hand the phenomenal explosion of fast food restaurants and their evolution into quick service restaurants (QSRs).

With the constant knock of a trend-setting technology ready to transform the customer experience at every turn, QSRs must pivot their strategies constantly. It’s no longer just product and price that drive customer decisions – consumers are demanding the entire customer experience be better. So, yelling into those drive-through speakers and waiting longer in your car than just walking in and ordering at the counter, won’t cut it anymore.

Keeping Up the Pace

If the consumer doesn’t want to be rushed to decide as they approach the drive-through menu, or doesn’t want to sit in an exhaust-fume-filled line, what are QSR’s doing to keep up with the evolving pace their customers have set? With the emphasis on the customer experience and steady financial growth year over year, it’s apparent that QSRs are embracing the change. But, is it fast enough?

With every innovation a competitor brings to the customer experience, QSRs must either refresh or start over just to stay on the path to customer excellence. This approach means building new locations or remodeling existing stores with new technology.

In early 2016, Chick-fil-A® launched their Chick-fil-A OneTM app which allows customers to order and pay via mobile phone. Customers who order via the app get a designated parking spot, and the option of picking up the food inside or having food delivered to their car…in less time than it takes at the drive-through.

As a QSR, you may be thinking about an innovation like this. But those extra parking spots and the newly designed counter space? These changes must be part of your construction project plan. So, time isn’t spent (and most likely lost) if you run into issues when remodeling the inside countertops, building the new parking spaces, and adjusting the parking lot for the influx of customer traffic. Could the time and money spent be minimized? With the right solution, yes.

Thinking Beyond the Drive-Through

Expesite, Accruent’s construction project management software provides a solution that offers just that. It’s a proven solution that helps QSRs plan for new locations that align with the changing market model as well as the necessary and almost inevitable remodels to existing stores by controlling associated costs and timelines.

Expesite’s mobile app delivers efficiency with real-time updates to construction managers so nothing gets lost in the process. Construction managers and other stakeholders get complete visibility into the exact status of the project and when they’ll be able to turn “the drive-thru light back on.”

It’s hard enough to just keep up with the competition, especially in such an evolving market. Without the right tools in your apron, a remodel or new build can be even more cumbersome.

See the video for how Expesite Mobile can help you.

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