A recent study revealed that by 2020 customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator.

With the user experience playing a critical role in a successful product implementation, an organization has one chance to make a first impression. If an interface has inconsistences or confusing aesthetics, users will shy away from the product because the intended ease-of-use becomes a source of frustration.

Accruent is dedicated to enhancing our user experience to ensure that the critical first experience for a user is strong and actions are intuitive to take. To simplify navigation, we are establishing a consistent user interface to accommodate our rapid growth to ensure that our solutions and experiences set us apart from the rest.

We’re proud to offer updates to our user interface including:

Bright, welcoming dashboard colors.

Nothing gets us more excited than when we help a customer achieve their mission – so it’s fitting that our attitude matches our products. Based on customer feedback, we’ve introduced brighter colors that make our interfaces easier to see and easier to navigate.

Distinct product logos.

Our multi-product users will appreciate that we’ve given our product logos a fresh new update too. Users will find each distinct product logo on the top left corner of each product menu along with the Accruent logo at the bottom of each page.

Standardized user menus.

Users will begin to experience a simplified version of product menus starting with our vx Maintain and vx Field products. By standardizing layout, fonts and interaction patterns, our user menus have never been easier to experience.

Accreunt - vx Maintain - Blog Post - Enhancing the Accruent User Experience Bright new colors and simplified logos make Accruent product interfaces easier to navigate.

With input from our customers, Accruent is improving the user experience, helping to reduce the user learning curve and increase the speed of completing tasks – making a big difference in experience and efficiency.

Accruent is dedicated to providing a unified, cross-product experience for users of all our products. We are always open to your feedback and look forward to hearing from you as we continue to create the best user interface for you.