Many organizations today have a variety data sources that are critical to running their businesses. When it comes to managing information about their real estate portfolio, these can include internal data related to managing maintenance, capital improvement, construction projects, space and occupancy, leases and more. It may also include various external sources of geospatial information, demographic trends, and even weather data.

Key to deriving the most value from enterprise data is the ability to bring pieces of information from these different sources together to paint a picture relevant to a particular business need. For example, how do demographic trends impact choices for new branch locations? How does weather impact the expected useful life of roofing systems? How do occupancy trends inform decisions about capital investments in a building?

Accruent’s Analytics platform is designed to enable customers to answer questions just like these. By enabling customers to combine data from a variety of Accruent applications with other enterprise data sources or with relevant third-party data, Accruent Analytics helps customers derive insights for key business decisions.

As organizations plan for reopening and safely managing the operations of their buildings during the pandemic, data about the incidence of COVID-19 has become another important source of information. Tracking COVID-19 incidence by location can be especially helpful for organizations with widely dispersed real estate portfolios across multiple states, provinces or countries, including corporate real estate management companies that manage multiple client locations.

Now Accruent customers using the FAMIS 360 maintenance management solution have the option to combine COVID-19 data from various publicly available sources with information about their portfolio to create reports and dashboards that provide insight for phased reopening and ongoing operations. For example, customers can build a map of their properties overlaid with a heatmap of COVID-19 active cases.

Accruent - Blog Post - Gain Visibility Into The Impact of COVID-19 on Your Portfolio

Since in the U.S. most COVID-19 data sources report incidence by county only, Accruent Analytics has enabled automated mapping of county information to U.S. zip codes, facilitating the process of bringing together property information from FAMIS 360 and COVID-19 case information. Customers can choose from a variety of COVID-19 data sources to combine with data in their Accruent product to create reports and dashboards that enable visualization and tracking of COVID-19 incidence across their property locations. Examples of some of the COVID-19 data feeds that customers find valuable include the COVID-19 Data Repository by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University, The New York Times and The Atlantic Monthly, among others. Organizations with locations with a single county, state or province may choose data sources specific to that location.

Accruent is currently offering FAMIS 360 users a limited trial to bring in COVD-19 incidence data or any other data sources of value to them to explore how they can better leverage data for business insights. For more information, contact us today.