Facility management has traditionally been a function that is not seen or heard from, unless something goes wrong.

Even though the role has started to become more visible in recent years, oftentimes other employees do not understand the value that they bring to the organization. Facility management’s role within the organization can be transformed by improving internal customer service. And with a better understanding of how they contribute to the bottom-line of the organization, it can help them become more strategic.


Check Out These Four Ways to Help Improve Your Team’s Internal Customer Service:

Build your brand.

Because facility management typically operates “behind the scenes,” most departments have little to no recognition within the organization. However, to improve customer service, people need to know who you are and what you do.

Does your company have an internal newsletter?

Do you have an intranet that shares departmental information?

These are great areas to publicize what the facilities department focuses on and help people understand how you can support their daily jobs.


Automate your work order process.

Mobile devices and social media have made instant feedback a standard, and it is an expectation that your internal customers have, as well. By automating your work order process, you can send real-time alerts to notify requestors that it’s been acknowledged, and keep them informed of progress until the issue is resolved.

In addition to improving internal customer service, work order automation can help your team work more efficiently—reducing the time spent managing work orders by 80%.


Survey your customers.

Asking for feedback from your internal stakeholders can be the best way to find areas to improve and expose key gaps that may not be evident to your team. If you have an automated work order solution in place, add a survey to the close notification. Ask the requestor to answer a few questions and provide a satisfaction rating. It will help you improve internal customer service, as well as provide feedback that can be leveraged in performance reviews for the facility team.


Share your results.

Showcase how your department has helped improve the organization and workplace by sharing your results. Whether it’s the average time to complete a work order or the number of work orders that have been resolved in a month, demonstrate how you are making an impact on the organization. It’ll help people see the value in the facility department and further understand your role within the organization.

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