How to Improve Delivery of Care, Drive Down Costs and Ensure Compliance

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How to Improve Delivery of Care, Drive Down Costs and Ensure Compliance

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Hospital support departments continue to be asked to do more with less, while also dealing with an overall decline in qualified human resources.

According to The Moody’s Investor’s Service analysis, Not-for-profit and public healthcare - US: Medians - Regional hospital medians mirror stress seen in national trends, operating margins for hospitals have fallen to an all-time low of 1.6 percent. Patient care is being delivered with increasingly sophisticated and connected medical devices, which has opened the healthcare industry up as the number one target for hackers. According to a new report from global cybersecurity insurance company Beazley2018 Breach Briefing (page 6), healthcare accounts for 37% of all ransomware attacks.

To help our customers improve their delivery of care, Accruent is taking our flagship Healthcare Technology Management (HTM) platform and adding key functionality improvements and integrations to help continue to innovate in the healthcare space. This new functionality allows healthcare delivery organizations to improve patient safety, ensure more timely compliance and help meet the ever-increasing need to do more with less.

Accruent’s Connectiv is a modern HTM solution designed for biomedical and facilities groups to manage the full lifecycle of medical devices, equipment and services across the continuum of care.

Accruent platform integrations:

Integration with GE Healthcare’s Service Shop Portal.

Accruent’s HTM solution now further increases the operational efficiency of hospitals and clinics through an integrated workflow and interface. This Service Shop integration provides instant access to more than 80,000 of GE Healthcare’s parts and accessories, as well as real-time pricing, up-to-date inventory information and documentation resources.

“Automating the procurement workflow process within the HTM CMMS reduces errors and saves time for our customers, so they can focus on providing the best care for their patients,” said Rob Reilly, Vice President & GM, U.S. and Canada Service, GE Healthcare.

RTLS integration framework.

With numerous Real-Time Location System (RTLS) solutions and vendors in the field, Accruent has developed a revolutionary RTLS integration framework for use with Connectiv. This integration framework—in the form of a bidirectional web service—allows for a “plug and play” approach to integrating various RTLS systems, and affords users benefits that were historically impossible or difficult to realize.

The integration framework between Connectiv and industry-standard RTLS solutions provides a significant new resource for healthcare systems. With a centralized, single-source connecting medical facility and equipment data from the RTLS solution to Connectiv, healthcare systems can increase the productivity of technicians and the efficiency of patient care.

ServiceNow certification.

Certification by ServiceNow is only granted to apps available within the ServiceNow Store and signifies that Connectiv has successfully completed a series of defined tests focused on Now Platform® security, compatibility, performance and integration interoperability. The certification also ensures that best practices are utilized in the design and implementation of Connectiv with ServiceNow.

Key Functionality Upgrades

With key functionality upgrades that assist administrators as well as engineers, healthcare delivery organizations can become more efficient with the Connectiv HTM platform.

We have added ‘Every X Weeks PM Scheduling’ based on the specific customer asks for 2, 3 and 6 week schedules. However, the tool does not restrict you in those increments. The tool can handle 1, 2, 17, 51, etc.

Numerous additional upgrades to the preventive maintenance (PM) workflows were included in this release, such as asset date transfers between schedules, date calculation improvements for older equipment brought back into service, ad hoc PM Work Order improvements and bug fixes to the PM Scheduling process.

Adding parts on-the-fly with Connective’s Part Inventory pop-up on the Work Order page has been improved—with parts being available immediately upon creation. 

Additional logic fixes in the release include:

  • Limiting total time card hours for a technician to 24 in a single day.
  • Not allowing negative values within various numerical fields to limit cascading errors through the asset lifecycle workflow.
  • Contract and worker productivity fixes.
  • Work Order on-call fixes.

How Accruent can help.

As healthcare continues to evolve, Accruent can serve customers from asset inception to disposition, while giving organizations full visibility into how they manage healthcare technology, facilities, real estate lifecycles and physical resources. 

Today, more than 55% of all US hospitals have chosen Accruent as their global solution provider to help them manage key aspects of their business. Businesses must run smoothly to achieve their mission. Accruent is helping to create more efficiencies and break down internal silos to save organizations money, increase staff productivity and drive value for our patients.

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