For hospitals facing lower government funding and tighter reimbursements from Medicare, finding ways to reduce expenses has become essential. As part of this, more organizations are driving towards finding ways to become more efficient, and in turn, lowering their costs.

And for hospital maintenance technicians, whether they provide maintenance support to medical equipment or to the facilities, using a CMMS solution designed for healthcare can help to streamline requests. As a result, you can help technicians get more done without adding more work.

There are several ways that a CMMS solution can help your technicians work more efficiently. For instance, using a solution with a mobile app, allows your technicians to have access to all of the information they need without having to return to a central office to get the information or grab the next work order off the printer.

In addition, using a CMMS solution offers visibility into key performance indicators. The key performance indicators, such as average time to completion and workloading by technician, can give you the insight that you need to make critical decisions more quickly and accurately.

Establishing key metrics, such as service-level agreements for work order response time, can help your technicians understand what’s important to the organization. It gives them insight into how they should focus their time and attention. As a result, they can prioritize their work and ensure the most important things are getting done.

With these metrics in mind, you can establish a dashboard within the solution to offer technicians a one-stop shop to view how they are performing against their key performance indicators. Dashboards can provide a quick glance at:

  • Assigned work orders
  • Work order statuses
  • Activity levels
  • Completion rates
  • Productivity and workloading

With this visibility, technicians can see their data in real-time and quickly take action to make changes to improve their performance.