One unresolved negative experience can be difficult to come back from, in fact, it takes 12 positive experiences to make up for that one negative experience.

Even more startling is the fact that you don’t always hear from those who are dissatisfied, only 4 percent of unhappy customers will actually voice their complaints. Often, this lack of customer response stems from the lack of an easy way to provide feedback. When it comes to managing properties, you know that tenant satisfaction drives success now and in the future. Leveraging surveys can help you understand tenant satisfaction, giving you an opportunity to address issues before they become crises for your organization.

With an automated facility and maintenance management solution, surveys can be used in several ways. Among the most popular, tenant satisfaction surveys can auto-send after the completion of a work order to gauge the response time and quality of work. The tenant has the opportunity to rate the technician or vendor who completed the repairs, as well as provide feedback on the quality of work.

In addition, using surveys on a regular basis can gather baseline data about tenant satisfaction. Rather than tying these surveys to a particular issue, these surveys can be used to gauge the overall happiness for a property. For instance, tenants can be asked a series of broad questions, including:

  • What can be improved within the building, whether in your space or in the common area?
  • How quick is the response to work orders (on a 1-5 scale, with 5 being extremely fast)?
  • Would you refer this property to another business?

The answers to these questions can indicate areas for improvement, such as reducing work order time to completion or increasing tenant satisfaction. The data can also be leveraged for other efforts, such as attracting new tenants to the building, with proof points like "98 percent of tenants would refer this property to another business!"

Technology like automated surveys can transform how you do business with your tenants to ensure their satisfaction.

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