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Published: Mar 06 2020

Kykloud Barcode Scanning

Did you know that the barcode was based on Morse Code and was invented in 1951?

It was first used in railroads in North America during the late 1960s, then used to help automate the checkout process in supermarkets during the early 1970s. Barcodes are now ubiquitous and accepted in various forms, like many other technological advances.

Accruent's enhanced Kykloud Mobile Surveying App now includes barcode scanning capabilities, which allows for real-time use of your built-in camera to scan barcodes or QR codes on a walk-through assessment. This functionality enables surveyors to be more efficient by utilizing mobile technology and reducing the need for pen and paper.

What Does the Data Tell You?

With 2.71 billion people in the world owning smart devices, 194 billion apps downloaded in 2019, and two thirds of the world now connected via mobile devices, technology has become intertwined with our personal lives and businesses. So, why do so many surveyors still prefer to use pen and paper?

It is a data-driven world, but beyond simply amassing data, you need to know what it is telling you. Data for the sake of data does not help you make better business decisions—you need insights and actionable results. For surveyors, their focus is on assessing and collecting data to inform decisions around where to best prioritize and spend for maintenance or replacement.

We hear daily from customers, surveyors and assessors that pen, paper and Microsoft Excel are still the preferred method of collecting data. But, more importantly, we also hear that the data collected using these methods is often incomplete, inconsistent and inaccurate. So, how can you make sensible business decisions on where best to plan and spend your capital budget? The answer is with better data sources, analytics and reporting, which is beyond the capabilities of traditional methods.

How does mobile technology empower surveyors?

Over 60% of employees use a smartphone for work purposes, and companies favoring Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies see an annual savings of $350 per year, per employee. The increasing trend of BYOD in the business world is not only saving money, but is influencing how we work and how efficient our daily processes are. Internet-connected mobile technology ensures teams of surveyors are collecting data in a consistent manner. Mobile technology also allows surveyors to take advantage of cameras for key photographic evidence to back up reports.

See how Kykloud's photo editing functionality improves survey and inspection efficiency.

How does Kykloud Help surveyors, facilities managers and capital planners?

Kykloud's Mobile Surveying Data Collection tool helps surveyors and facilities management teams capture asset data across their property and real estate portfolio, manage condition assessments and compliance audits, and so much more. Whether collecting data on a simple radiator functionality to more critical mechanical or electrical equipment like HVAC systems, Kykloud provides a simple and effective mobile surveying and data capture tool.

It is Accruent's mission to help teams collect robust and accurate data that ensures you get the most out of your asset lifecycles, while providing defensible data to make sensible business decisions.

Enhanced asset inventory and verification using Kykloud.

It is not uncommon for property teams across business sectors to tag the fixed and moveable assets across their site and real estate portfolio. Not only does this help keep track of physical assets, aid in loss prevention and drive regular maintenance and repair schedules, but it also feeds into a business’s accounting, compliance and auditing needs.

Kykloud's barcode scanning functionality helps to identify, find, create and update asset data, speeding up data capture, reducing errors and leading to increased efficiencies and quality of data.

Learn more about Kykloud's Barcode Scanning capabilities by watching this short video.

To learn more about Kykloud’s Mobile Surveying, Asset Lifecycle and Capital Planning tools, contact our sales team today and schedule a demo.

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