Millennials, those between the ages of 22 and 37 in 2018, are changing the workforce as we know it for the better.

In general, this group of employees has an “aversion to hidden agendas, rigid corporate structures, and information silos coupled with a willingness to explore new opportunities [to] fundamentally change the nature of work...”, according to Tech Republic. But what do these employees mean for the future of project management?

From the perspective of a millennial, the future of project management includes these three trends:

1. Dynamic, modern tools.

The solutions that a millennial project manager would use for their day-to-day would be something more than your standard spreadsheet or make-shift Gantt chart to ensure project efficiency, maintain a steady drive toward completion and stay on budget. Ensuring the project management solution can simplify and standardize processes so project managers can utilize industry best practices, and users can become more efficient and productive.

2. Anytime, anywhere communication and collaboration.

Just like many others, millennials start their day by catching up on social media, news, texts, and emails on their mobile devices. They rely on a network of “always-on” apps to stay connected. This same mindset carries over to project management as this generation prefers to update projects on-the-go. If they have an internet connection, they can pull vendor documentation, review invoices, discuss project resources, project tasks, or even complete action items via their mobile devices. Working remotely or flexible hours is important to this group which also benefits the companies where these employees work.

3. Actionable Insights with complete knowledge.

Many times, this generation is mistaken for being unaware or lacking experience when it comes to business. In fact, the contrary is true. According to Forbes Magazine, millennials are likely to look for better solutions that allow them to adapt to situations on a dime! The overall economic and business climate since the 1980’s has been one of constant evolution and stress. Because of their exposure to this environment, millennials prefer to manage projects and tasks in real time, including information updates and sharing. This approach allows for decisions to be made with the most accurate data and more precise and informed on-the-spot resolution.

A project management solution that can incorporate these three trends gives millennials the tools they need to multitask, coordinate across departments, and shrink communication gaps.

It’s time to get on-trend to usher in a new group of ready-to-work project managers, contact us today to learn more.