Property Managers seek web-based software for efficiency

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Property Managers seek web-based software for efficiency

According to a report by Software Advice1, the number one reason why property managers are currently seeking a software solution is to improve efficiency in their portfolio. Of buyers in the market, more than half specifically desire a web-based solution.

Software Advice, a company that evaluates property management tools, has spoken with thousands of property managers to learn about what needs they have and are seeking a solution for. Of a selection of 385 interviews, 35% would like to improve efficiency in their property management system. Other reasons include wanting a solution that is specifically designed for property management, needing to replace an outdated solution, or other shortcomings of their current solution.


Software Advice’s research also found that although more than half were unsure of whether they wanted a web-based or on-premise software solution, 40% had determined they specifically wanted a web-based, or cloud, solution. Reasoning for a web-based solution includes the demand for conducting inspections on iPads and accessing information on mobile devices. Only 3% expressed their interest in solely on-premise software, which is a decline from previous years’ findings.


Software Advice talks with thousands of property managers who are seeking software for their companies, giving them unparalleled insight into what buyers are currently looking for.  To view the full report on buyers’ most common pain points and motivations to purchase new property management software, click here.



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