Strategic Values of an IWMS Solution: Improve Project Mgmt. Quality through Vendor Relationships

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Strategic Values of an IWMS Solution: Improve Project Mgmt. Quality through Vendor Relationships

By Lora Mays, Product Marketing Manager

Organizations can experience substantial benefits in vendor management and work allocation by integrating data for facility maintenance management, lease administration and project management. For example, using the historical spend of vendors and associated quality ratings through facility maintenance management, the organization can determine which contractor may be best to complete a project of a larger scope. Leveraging the relationship can ensure the work is completed by a trusted vendor that will reach the expected level of quality.iwmspost6.jpg

Furthermore, linking the activity to lease administration can provide insight into what construction activities are allowed per the lease terms. The lease may indicate specific attributes on a floor that cannot be altered, such as structural elements like pillars. Knowing this before engaging a contractor and beginning a large-scale construction project can ensure that organizations are in lease compliance and eliminate any chance of facing hefty fines or costs due to illegitimate construction activities. 

Connecting project management to facility maintenance management can also automate project tasks, which can easily be converted into a work request with an IWMS solution. It provides visibility into activities of both teams, which in turn enables organizations to meet strict timeline targets for projects.

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Improving your project management quality is just one value that your organization can gain from an IWMS solution. Read previous blog posts to learn about the first five values in the series. You can also download the whitepaper The Strategic Value of IWMS to learn how your organization can drive profitability from your real estate and facilities portfolio.

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