Top 7 New Year’s Resolutions for Facility Managers

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Top 7 New Year’s Resolutions for Facility Managers

By Lora Mays, Product Marketing Manager

A new year is right around the corner, and if you’re like most people, you are already thinking about your resolutions. Of course, they don’t have to be limited to your personal life – setting goals at your job can also make a big difference in how rewarding you make your 2015.
Here are the top seven New Year’s resolutions for facility managers to consider: 

1. Do a process audit

Are you doing something because it’s the way that your organization has always done it? If so, it’s time to do a process audit and see how you can improve your operations and become more efficient. Streamlining your processes can free up time for your team to focus on other important things, such as preventive maintenance.

2. Create an overarching departmental goal

No matter the size of your facilities and maintenance department, having an overarching goal for the team can promote teamwork and serve as a key motivator for all. Whether it’s to ensure that no work order request becomes overdue in 2015 or if it’s to reduce maintenance costs by a certain percentage, it will give everyone something bigger to work toward throughout the year.

3. Set benchmarks for your department

The only way to see if your team is successful in meeting their goals is to set metrics. Many facilities departments don’t have these metrics in place, mostly because they are reactionary by nature. Sound familiar?

However, setting benchmarks for your department gives you quantitative data to support resource requests, like hiring an extra set of hands or requesting a budget increase for the extra square footage you have to manage. Even a minor benchmark, such as acknowledging work orders within one hour of receiving them, can go a long way in setting your team up for success.

4. Put down the phone

This one may be easier said than done! Mobile has transformed the facility management profession, but has also turned mobile devices into an extension of the arm rather than a helpful tool. Focus on finding ways to help your team put down the phone, such as setting on-call response schedules to give each team member a break. After all, working 24/7 can only be sustained for so long and can cause serious professional burn out.

5. Get up-to-date on your preventive maintenance

Preventive maintenance is like flossing your teeth – it’s something that you know that you should do, but it often falls to the bottom of the priority list when everything else comes to the forefront.

A new year brings a clean slate, and an opportunity to get up to date on any of your preventive maintenance activities that have been buried under other responsibilities. Just like flossing, regular preventive maintenance can prevent more serious issues from arising, and as a result will cut your costs and improve operational efficiency.

6. Spend time on strategic planning

Over the years, facility management has become a more strategic role as organizations have recognized that they can drive profitability from the core of their business just by effectively managing their real estate and facilities. Allocating time to focus on strategic planning can help you define the future for your organization. For instance, by evaluating your future capital investment needs, or understanding your asset values to make replace vs. repair decisions, can help you save costs for your organization today and in the future.

7. Automate your processes

Using spreadsheets and binders to manage your facility management needs will only help your team to a certain extent. Especially as your team and organization grows, it can be challenging to track and manage all the little details without using a software partner like 360Workplace. In doing so, you can cut your maintenance costs and improve your overall operational efficiency.

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