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Published: Oct 16 2018

Understanding the Core Elements of CMMS ROI Cost Savings

It can be challenging to monitor and manage maintenance costs across operations and to determine the return-on-investment (ROI) that a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) can deliver.

Many organizations have little or no insight into equipment utilization and uptime, resource allocation, labor productivity and other key elements of maintenance program success.

State of CMMS survey report.

In 2017, Maintenance Connection initiated a large-scale survey among maintenance professionals to better understand how organizations are using and benefits from a CMMS. The initial survey and follow-on report asked folks about general maintenance procedures, average monthly work orders and preventive maintenance ratios.

The report was updated in 2018 to provide an analysis of how maintenance software delivers value and benefits operations across industries that conduct maintenance daily. The report uses proprietary data collected from over 1,500 maintenance professionals over the last three years about how they rate their maintenance programs and to what extent they have utilized a CMMS. Take the survey and download the 2018 State of CMMS Report to learn more.

Most respondents are responsible for maintaining over 1,000 assets in facilities of all sizes. Of facilities that have substantially implemented CMMS, 88% report significant cost savings, ranging from tens of thousands to millions of dollars. Respondents identified an average annual savings of $3.39M with the largest savings coming from extended asset life and reduced downtime.

Real-time benefits of CMMS.

Accruent’s Maintenance Connection, a robust, scalable CMMS, delivers significant real-time benefits, including:

  • Reduced downtime.
  • Extended equipment life.
  • Improved maintenance planning.
  • Increased labor productivity and efficiency.
  • Accessible, accurate asset intelligence.
  • Optimized inventory, reduced stockouts.

These benefits are the core elements of CMMS ROI Cost Savings and generally accepted as areas where improvement opportunities exist. However, many organizations struggle with setting expectations for what benefits can be achieved through CMMS implementation. Organizations that have a CMMS may find it challenging to know whether they are maximizing their benefit potential.

CMMS ROI Cost Savings Calculator

Accruent – Maintenance Connection – Blog Posts - Understanding the Core Elements of CMMS ROI Cost Savings

Maintenance Connection saw an opportunity to use the real-world data collected in the State of CMMS report to help maintenance professionals understand the potential cost savings achievable with a CMMS as well as provide a comparison benchmark for existing CMMS users. With this in mind, we developed our Maintenance Connection Cost Savings Calculator.

Designed to provide return on investment (ROI) projections for executives and planners in facilities management, operations, IT and finance, this new resource can project the cost savings a company can expect from CMMS software based on their unique operations such as industry, maintenance team size and other variable factors. See how much you can save now!

Join us for our webinar, Discover CMMS Cost Savings: How to Calculate ROI and learn more about Maintenance Connection’s Cost Savings Calculator and how it can benefit you.

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