Your built environment plays a vital role for both your organization and for the people who work in and manage it.

One of the biggest impacts your environment has is on the safety and security of those who occupy it, particularly during times of uncertainty or emergency. From a broken water main that renders your building temporarily unusable, to natural disasters, to public health concerns like the recent COVID-19 outbreak — you need to know that your built environment can support the processes and resources needed to keep your people safe.

How do you ensure your organization can respond efficiently to these events and minimize the impact on your organizational operations?

By having clear visibility into what is happening at any given time and having the tools necessary to respond in any situation.

One way to ensure a successful response in a working or learning environment is by implementing room scheduling software, to help you know where people are and to communicate widely when things change suddenly.

Here are a few things to consider when looking to use your room scheduling software to help mitigate risk in times of crisis:

Having a Single Space Scheduling System Makes Rapid Response Easier

One of the best ways to ensure you are prepared to respond quickly to a situation is to ensure that all of your important information can be accessed from one place. By unifying information systems into a single system of record, you avoid spending response time piecing together information from disparate systems in order to get a clearer picture. Having a strong idea of where people are based on their space reservations and schedules can ensure you know how many people may be impacted by a security risk, allowing you to respond faster without any costly delays.

Plans Change. Be Prepared to Communicate Those Changes Quickly

As with any crisis, rapid response and clear communication is critical. But as new information becomes available, plans will inevitably change. You may need to change or cancel events and notify everyone involved, which can be an intense process depending on the scale of your event and how many outside participants are involved.

Ensuring your space scheduling system and event management software can alert all attendees and service providers of changes as soon as they are made is critical. And having everyone in one system makes this communication nearly instantaneous.

Moving buildings because a water main broke? No problem. Need to cancel an event and update invoices appropriately? If it is all in one system, the process is seamless, leaving you one less thing to worry about.

Put Your People First – Always

There is no arguing that your people are your most valuable resource and you should respond to unexpected situations in a way that reflects that. But just because something unexpected occurs does not mean business has to grind to a halt. With the right resources, you can keep operations running without endangering the health or well-being of your employees. For example, with the spread of the COVID-19 virus, many organizations are turning in-person meetings into remote meetings. This can be a seamless transition for employees with a video conferencing system such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams integrated in your meeting scheduling tool.

Measuring the Impact of Unexpected Events

When the unexpected happens, business inevitably takes a hit. Events get cancelled. Meetings get postponed. And business just cannot run as usual. If you struggle to hit your targets later in the year or have a dip in performance, it would be nice to be able to point to the event as a cause and back it up with some numbers.

Having visibility into the utilization of your space and services groups means you can quickly run reports to see exactly how space and resources were used. You can see how many bookings were cancelled, how often your video conferencing software was used in place of meetings, and how much expense was lost due to cancelled services.

Understanding the true impact of an unplanned event can help you prepare for the next one.

Delivering the flexibility and integration options necessary to help organizations mitigate risk when the unexpected happens is one reason why Accruent’s EMS solution was created as a flexible platform. EMS can be tailored to the requirements of your unique organization and integrated with the adjacent business systems and technologies you need. We have helped thousands of customers implement resilient room and resource scheduling and event management solutions across their university campuses and corporations both locally and globally.

Do not wait until the next emergency, Contact us today to start a conversation about how you can prepare your organization with a comprehensive space and resource scheduling platform.