Over 400 attendees filled the room as U.S. Army Captain Chad Fleming kicked off Accruent’s Insights 2018 customer conference with his welcome keynote.

For Accruent customers, Insights is a multi-day event designed to help keep up with the ever-changing pace of real estate, facilities and asset management. Attendees are often tasked with the responsibilities of obtaining efficiency, reducing costs and maximizing value.

Because you can never know what life will throw at you, Captain Chad Fleming assured our “mission ready” attendees to never quit.

Captain Fleming was deployed overseas six times with the US Army’s elite 75th Ranger Regiment in support of both Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom. He was wounded in combat on three separate occasions undergoing 23 surgeries, one of which resulted in a trans-tibial amputation of his left leg. Typically, this type of injury would end a military career, but Captain Fleming re-deployed five more times and is one of the few soldiers to redeploy into combat as an amputee.

With his impressive background as a highly decorated officer, Captain Fleming’s motivational speech rallied our attendees for the exciting three days that lay ahead with three key takeaways. 

  1. Maintain a set of values. Companies want and expect employees to contribute to the bottom-line or a set of goals. But a set of values is what really puts companies ahead of the pack. These values encourage workers to be better employees, better colleagues and better team players who are ready to meet those sought-after numbers.
  2. Make the dream work with teamwork. While customers are not in a war zone battling gunfire everyday relying on their buddies to help protect them, Captain Fleming knows that it still takes teamwork to make a business successful. He emphasized that you must take the “me” out of each project or task assigned, or you forget that you are part of a team. When you forget you are a part of a team, you forget that there are people relying on you and you are relying on them so that you can all reach the same goal successfully.
  3. Find the good in everything – even your mistakes. No matter who you are, you are bound to make mistakes. It is up to you on how you move forward. If you’ve ever questioned if there is such thing as a silver-lining when it comes to mistakes in business, do a quick Google search on Coca-Cola®, The Slinky, Penicillin, and the X-ray – all of which were invented by mistake.

If Captain Fleming taught the Insights audience one thing, it is that the power of a “never quit” attitude can take your business to new levels. The resilience and perseverance of your employees will help attain the company’s mission and goals.

Accruent is dedicated to getting your business mission ready, but the rest is up to you and your team.

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Coca-Cola is a registered trademark of The Coca-Cola Company.