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Published: May 15 2020

Facility Capital Planning for Healthcare Organizations

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VFA capital planning software & services to enable defensible budgets for capital spend.

VFA, the global leader in healthcare capital planning solutions, helps organizations objectively model multi-year capital plans to optimize and align real estate portfolio investments. By centralizing asset and facility information, VFA provides forecasting tools to manage and maintain facility condition data more effectively, leveraging that data to optimize budget decisions about maintenance and facility capital planning.

  • Model spending scenarios and forecast long-term costs.
  • Prioritize and direct spending by organizational goals.
  • Compare assets across your portfolio using industry standard benchmarks.
  • Built-in industry standards for estimation tools.

"We increased our capital budget by 500% based on the data and tools provided by Accruent.”


Centralize information about your facility assets.

VFA software features a comprehensive database that supports the collection and management of a wide range of asset information, including location, structure, type, uses, conditions, requirements and their associated costs, as well as related projects and plans.

Estimation tools.

  • Ensure estimate accuracy with industry cost and benchmarking data to provide reliable cost projections for deferred maintenance and systems renewal.
  • Employ multiple cost sources within the software.
  • Streamline cost estimation with a library of building and system model templates.
  • Estimate system renewal costs and timelines based on both observed condition and asset age.


  • Develop multiple ranking strategies for different types of assets and various budget scenarios.
  • Evaluate different project scenarios and develop cost-effective capital projects.

Forecasting & planning.

  • Forecast long-term costs and explore the impact of different spending levels on facility conditions.
  • Create multi-year budgets based on organization-wide priorities and strategies.
  • Measure progress using industry standard benchmarks to compare assets across a portfolio or against industry standards.


  • Establish configurable report libraries.
  • Construct analytical and personalized dashboards.
  • Share status reports with stakeholders easily and immediately.
  • Customize data and views.
  • Provide remote access for all stakeholders.

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