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Published: May 11 2017

FAMIS 360 Mobile

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Keep your facilities team connected.

Equipment and buildings don’t just repair themselves, it takes a team to get things done.

Facilities professionals are often stretched to keep everything up and running. The rise in deferred maintenance has led to a long list of assets that must be constantly monitored to ensure they don’t stop working. And, when these assets do break, the facilities team must quickly get things fixed. When maintenance managers lack visibility and control of their team’s daily activities, the core mission of the entire organization can be put at risk.

Connecting the daily efforts of your entire facilities team is an important way to ensure visibility and alignment across the maintenance and repair process.

By extending the facilities management software platform to the field through mobile technologies, everyone has the visibility and control they need to keep equipment and buildings ready to support the overall mission.

For more than 30 years, the FAMIS Facilities Management solution has helped facilities managers optimize maintenance efforts and gain efficiencies across their assets and buildings.

It is a cloud-based facilities lifecycle management solution for public sector and education institutions that is easy to use, easy to implement and continuously updated with new functionality. By extending that platform to the field via an integrated mobile app, the entire maintenance team can stay aligned as they work together to keep facilities operational.

Increase maintenance efficiency: Technicians can focus on facilities maintenance instead of navigating a CMMS.

Simplify maintenance management: Access and update work orders from the field, including modifying asset details, uploading photos, and recording comments.

Enhance visibility: Real-time maintenance data helps you increase customer satisfaction and make quicker decisions.

Transform operations: Fully equip mobile users by configuring workflows, customizing forms and integrating with other applications.

Help your team with FAMIS mobile:

  • Update status and assignment details to keep work moving forward.
  • Post labor entries with a built-in timer to increase time-tracking accuracy.
  • Make full work procedures available to empower field staff.
  • Take, attach, and comment on photos to improve documentation and communication.
  • Request materials or post parts directly to optimize item utilization.
  • Link other applications to expand integration capabilities.
  • Configure the application to meet your unique needs and maximize user adoption.
  • Leverage existing user security to minimize administration needs.

Impact on current FAMIS functionality.

FAMIS Mobile enhances the capabilities of the proven FAMIS facilities management and space planning software. The mobile app serves as an additional resource for engineers, technicians, vendors and facility managers to work more efficiently in the field. With FAMIS Mobile, it’s no longer necessary to print thousands of paper-based work orders and make unnecessary trips to work control or remote terminals just to make a few updates.

The value of Famis:

FAMIS and FAMIS Mobile help improve the efficiency of maintenance operations while also providing a greater volume of more timely information that can lead to better decisions.

Enhance productivity with a centralized, automated view of work orders, inventory, schedules, and budgets.

Control costs by eliminating unnecessary spending on maintenance repairs, utility consumption, and capital projects.

Ensure compliance with federal and state reporting, indirect cost audits, and sustainability requirements

Optimize funding by maximizing chargeback funds, recovered indirect costs, and asset lifecycle improvements.

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