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Published: Sep 21 2021


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Healthcare CMMS & asset management.

Keeping a healthcare system performing optimally means minimizing asset downtime, increasing patient safety, assuring efficient service and maintenance, and ensuring compliance with changing policies, laws and regulations.

Accruent’s TMS is a comprehensive Healthcare CMMS solution that centralizes assets and service across the entire health system, drives quality improvements and ensures compliance.

  • Easily manage and control asset lifecycle from acceptance compliance to support and disposition.
  • Ensure compliance with changing policies, laws and regulations (including CMS, TJC, DNV GL, and OSHA).
  • Modernize the way technicians work using mobile capabilities.
  • Leverage data to drive value and continuous improvement across the organization.

Tailored to your organization's needs for maximum flexibility.

No healthcare organization has the same needs. Using TMS, your organization can improve regulatory compliance while analyzing biomedical and facility management operations. TMS allows technicians to track asset data to proactively manage vital information and constantly monitors pre-defined KPIs to maximize productivity. With accurate data, you can react more quickly, improve decision making and increase customer satisfaction.

  • User role-based configurability of dashboards, forms and reports.
  • Departmental role-based configurability of dashboards, forms and reports.
  • Access external data from within the application with quick URL links.
Data accessibility.
  • Easily access data via configurable searches, including asset, work, analytics and historical data.
  • Aggregate and analyze data in real time using drag-and-drop report design, dashboards and email.

Performance monitoring.

  • Monitor your team’s performance, asset metrics, PM compliance and other key performance indicators.
  • Display and easily edit records for each shop, department or other critical area to target oversight and compliance actions.
  • Forecast manpower, parts\materials and other planning indicators to ensure proper staffing and availability of needed supplies.

Flexible modules.

  • Utilize the modules your organization needs and allow access based on user roles.
  • Seamlessly cross data between modules to related records.

TMS sidekick.

Go mobile and empower technicians to enter and update preventive and corrective maintenance work orders as the work is being performed in the field – eliminating redundancy, minimizing errors and saving time. With the TMS Sidekick mobile application, users can create, retrieve, update and close work orders on the go.


With easy-to-use drop downs, technicians can quickly select
responses and minimize data entry errors. Capture and
update information in the field, quickly and effortlessly.


  • Real-time PM Compliance.
  • Offline Data Collection.
  • Scan Asset Barcodes.
  • Talk-to-text Capability.
  • Attached Asset Pictures & Documentation.
  • Notifications & Alerts.
  • Perform Complete Inspection Points.
  • Create & Complete Work Orders.
  • Record Meter Readings.
  • Parts and Inventory Capture.

Go beyond CMMS and asset management.

Ensure compliance, mitigate risk & maximize resource utilization to control costs.

Optimize operations.

  • Manage and optimize asset lifecycles.
  • Improve equipment uptime.
  • Increase technician productivity.
  • Improve operational and financial performance through staffing, parts and contract management.

Elevate performance.

  • Improve visibility and availability.
  • Provide a foundation for accurate equipment capital plans.
  • Make informed decisions based on accurate, up-to-the-minute data via dashboards.

Mitigate risk.

  • Ensure compliance and mitigate risk.
  • Ensure data standardization and consistency.
  • Document AEM program status.

Capture config data.

  • Develop and implement asset-specific attribute values.
  • Pre-load required PM parts\materials.
  • Identify CMDB and network information to reduce downtime due to IT activity.

"My hope is that other hospitals will take advantage of automating operations with Accruent. The changes that Accruent has made for our organization have literally been transformational for our hospital”


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