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Published: Jan 16 2018

FAMIS 360 Space Planning

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Optimize space and occupancy management.

Why do stakeholders often feel they are “out of space,” even when some rooms go unused for much of the day?

Especially during peak hours and with popular rooms, space management can be one of the most important, most challenging, and perhaps most contentious issues facing an organization. The core problem is the complexity of balancing the diverse interests of the many users of space with the diverse types and qualities of available facilities.

More specifically, scheduling the use of rooms according to size, equipment, location, preference, and availability is complex. Doing it all manually is slow and tedious. Without a centralized space management system, it is much too easy to overbook rooms, leave others vacant, and lose track of overall usage. This can lead to building of expensive new facilities, even when space is already available. It can also lead to sluggish support as needs and schedules change, leaving stakeholders waiting for new assignments.

FAMIS 360 space planning helps customers find undocumented use of space that can justify increased budgets and billings.

Improving space utilization is becoming a top strategic priority at many organizations, critical to the long-term advancement of mission and stability of finances. To move forward, facilities managers need to fully leverage technology to centralize space management and increase efficiency. They need a proven data-driven system that provides visibility and control into the allocation of space across their building portfolios.

For more than 30 years, the FAMIS 360 facilities management and space planning solutions have helped property managers optimize maintenance efforts and gain efficiencies across their assets and buildings. It is a cloud-based facilities lifecycle management solution for public sector and education institutions that is easy to use, easy to implement and continuously updated with new functionality.

Import building maps to optimize space management

Accruent – FAMIS 360 – Brochures - FAMIS Space Planning

Space and occupancy management.

FAMIS 360 allows you to track and update physical space information at multiple levels in the location hierarchy, providing visibility into the use of space across your organization. By tracking categorical information, allocations for cost chargeback, assets located in a space, and maintenance occurring within a space, FAMIS 360 becomes the hub of spatial data for enterprise resource planning.

Key features:

Automate space assignments: Manage space utilization, employee assignments, occupancy, and allocations by organizational department or functional activity.

Uncover additional square footage: Provide accurate up-to-date tracking of all the square footage in use.

Identify capacity bottlenecks: Use objective data to resolve contention issues.

Monitor occupancy status: Calculate vacancy and change the occupancy status of spaces, including occupancy of a percentage of space, to maximize utilization and allocations.

Reduce time to generate graphical reports: Link imported space information with AutoCAD® and Revit® to graphically capture and update accurate area measurements.

Integrate space and facilities: Maximize the recovery of your incurred facilities and administrative research costs by linking all your facilities data and eliminating duplicate data entry.

Manage moves, adds and changes: Create and follow workflows that automate the countless transactions required to accurately track, schedule, reserve, execute and report on moves of facility assets.

Complete facilities lifecycle management.

Integrating your facilities management processes helps your organization save time, reduce errors and improve collaboration among multiple functional organizations. FAMIS 360 can be linked with Accruent capital planning and project management software and third-party systems for planning, finance, human resources and other business functions.

FAMIS 360 helps improve the efficiency of maintenance operations while also providing a greater volume of more timely information that can lead to better decisions.

The value of FAMIS 360 space planning:

  • Increase effective capacity by 10% or more.
  • Uncover additional square footage that can justify increased budgets and billings.
  • Optimize and automate assignments.
  • Reduce vacancy rates.
  • Prevent double-booking.
  • Complete moves faster.
  • Reduce time spent on space and indirect cost audits.
  • Unify space-related data.

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