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Published: Apr 07 2021

Hoteling for a Safer Campus

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As COVID-19 restrictions continue to force campuses to adjust their room scheduling and event planning processes, student safety has become a critical issue in space management. A campus space hoteling system keeps students safe by enforcing social distancing guidelines, allowing for greater room and resource sanitation procedures, and more customization for students to find study and resource spaces that fit their needs.

Space hoteling is an agile practice that allows students to find and book workspaces, study rooms, classrooms, and more, that is best suited to their needs during blocks of time. These spaces allow for greater flexibility for students, but also help campus facility planners adhere to COVID-19 regulations and recommendations.

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Keep students safe by allowing for private, socially distanced study rooms and workspaces, and scheduling for sanitization procedures.

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Manage a variety of spaces, including study rooms, classrooms, event spaces, and resources to provide options and help students customize how and where they want to work.

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Implement mobile access and web workspace booking so that students always know which spaces are open, can book rooms ahead of time, can request long-term or group bookings, and can release unused rooms.

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Download utilization reports to know how your space is being used over time, which spaces are most popular among students, and more.


The way higher education campuses manage their space is changing—there is now more focus on how people work in a modern world and using space to achieve a customizable, safe, and effective environment for working and learning. However, campuses and universities are also focused on improving their space utilization, and ensuring their spaces are being used to their fullest extent. Wasted real estate results in wasted costs and improving the way work and study spaces function on campus will alleviate cost concerns and help with better forecasting and budgeting.


  • Access work and study space information via kiosk, tablet, computer, or mobile device. Students and faculty can reserve spaces quickly, check-in at kiosks, and integrate with programs like Microsoft Outlook to keep calendars up to date.
  • Offer flexible booking options for activity-based room usage. Students can find the appropriate spaces based on what kind of work they’re doing, where they want to be, who is joining them, available resources like A/V, and more.
  • Improve contact tracing and sanitization across all spaces. Keep your students safer and adhere to COVID-19 guidelines by preparing socially distanced spaces, scheduling sanitizations, and tracking usage to always know who used what space and when.
  • Implement highly configurable booking forms, allowing for reminders on policies and procedures, custom fields to query users on their equipment needs, and more. Allow for room and desk “groupings” to organize spaces by department, location, time slots, etc.

See how EMS can implement space hoteling across your university campus. Email to learn more.

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