IoT Enabled Environmental Monitoring


IoT Enabled Environmental Monitoring

Remote Environmental Monitoring

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Ensure compliance, reduce waste/spoilage, and eliminate manual data entry.

The proper storage of medications, vaccines, blood, food, tissues, and organs throughout a hospital is a critical component for regulatory compliance and patient safety.

Healthcare facilities often have hundreds of refrigerators, freezers, and warming cabinets containing temperature-sensitive items. The daily routine of manually collecting regulatory data is time-consuming, labor-intensive, and takes time, time away from patient care.

Often when equipment fails, there is little data available to determine whether patient safety has been compromised. When sensitive assets are exposed to the wrong environmental factors, time is critical. The sooner staff are made aware of the issue, the sooner they can address it.

IoT Enabled Environmental Monitoring is a proactive measure to ensure equipment performance and care integrity. With many organizations facing limited resources, Environmental Monitoring presents an effective strategy to minimize efforts and expenditures, and most importantly, reduces costly downtime and waste.

24/7 environmental monitoring.

Accruent's Environmental Monitoring solution works 24/7 and combines the automated collection of temperature, humidity, and other environmental data with real-time notification alerts that can be tailored to meet specific operational requirements.



Automated Comptdance Data Logging Alarms & Notifications
Real-time Location Information Pro-active & Predictive Alerts
Configurable Rules Engine Mobile App
Configurable High/Low Temperature Thresholds Visual Analytics & Role Based Dashboards
Work Order Escalations Single Unified Asset Dashboard
Automatic Work Orders Based on Set Conditions  
  • Reduce Spoilage & Waste
  • Improve Equipment Uptime
  • Improve Regulatory Compliance & Reporting
  • Improve Patient Safety
  • Increase Staff Efficiency
  • Reduce Manual Errors
  • Use Predictive Maintenance Based on Equipment Analytics
  • Fix Potential Equipment Issues Before They Happen

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