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Published: Feb 21 2019

Meridian Speeds Up Time to Market by Improving Engineering Data Integrity

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Helping life science companies race E-Signature and E-Records compliance challenges head-on.

Ensure compliance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and Annex 11.

Demonstrate effective change control procedures for all engineering documentation.

Provide a single source of truth for teams to share engineering information securely and reliably.

  • 300k+ Users
  • 500M Documents tracked
  • 1.5T US dollars in assets managed
  • 100% of top ten pharma companies use Accruent solutions

Accruent’s document and drawing management solution, Meridian, can help life science companies master the challenges inherent in managing massive amounts of asset information, while simultaneously meeting the industry’s strict compliance requirements. Meridian improves data integrity and ensures that life science companies always access the most current and approved information, while providing full proof of control for easier audits and electronic signatures. Meridian helps companies speed up their time to market by reacting faster to internal and external change.

Streamline audits with reduced risk of noncompliance.

  • Provide workflows and consistency in business processes across sites.
  • Reveal audit trails—showing what has changed by who and when.
  • Enable compliance with life science specific regulations to avoid costly fines and speed time to market.

Ensure full control of engineering content.

  • Provide version control and revision management in a safe and secure environment.
  • Ensure proper printing of documents with watermarking.
  • Guarantee that all users are working on the most current documentation.

Enhance communication between teams.

  • Save time by finding key asset information faster.
  • Provide the same view of official documentation to both engineers and maintenance & operations.
  • Gain access to markup tools for comments and edits.

Deliver quality products without delay.

  • Provide maintenance with accurate documentation while on-site.
  • Reduce search time for engineering information from hours to minutes.
  • Avoid production delays due to inaccurate information.

"Meridian provides us with the tools to maintain FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliance, and ensure good manufacturing practices, resulting in reduced risks and more streamlined audits."


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