Streamline Scheduling in EMS for Outlook - Microsoft 365


Streamline Scheduling in EMS for Outlook - Microsoft 365

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Find & book available rooms in Microsoft 365 from a Windows client, a Macintosh client, or in a web browser.

EMS for Outlook – Microsoft 365 is a new, optional add-in for organizations working in Microsoft 365 environments that provides a unified user experience in Microsoft Outlook for Mac, Outlook for Windows or even when accessing Outlook from a web browser. This add-in offers a simplified room and resource booking process and improves on native Outlook scheduling by:

  • Making recurring meeting patterns and conflict resolution easy

  • Providing granular filtering tools and images to find the best space, quickly

  • Keep contact-free/busy and room availability in a single user interface

  • Controlling access to show only the spaces a user wants and needs


Improved Scheduling for Outlook Users

Today’s workplace needs have surpassed the capabilities that Outlook alone can provide. While many organizations rely on Outlook to manage their meetings, the tool was never built to manage the realities of today’s workplaces and campuses. Schedulers get frustrated with too many calendars, too little information, and no reporting capability.

EMS for Outlook – Microsoft 365 provides one-click access to self-service room reservations from within any Microsoft 365-enabled client. While in Outlook, EMS users can now:

  • Find available rooms and reserve them (using EMS business rules, favorites, and filters).

  • See room details and available setup types

  • Add self-service video conferencing to their booking.

  • Check user and room availability in one interface

  • Invite and update participants via email

  • Resolve room conflicts for recurring meetings by selecting alternate rooms

  • Save booking information to the EMS database for reporting and trend analysis

Additionally, EMS for Outlook – Microsoft 365 utilizes the Microsoft Graph API to provide a web-based add-in that is truly platform-independent. Microsoft Exchange administrators will appreciate the ability to automatically deploy the EMS for Outlook – Microsoft 365 add-in to users and groups within their organization without any local installation.


Improved Scheduling for Outlook Users
  • Flexible Scheduling: Book or change reservations in Outlook while using EMS features and booking rules

  • Familiar: Seamlessly access EMS within Outlook, the familiar calendar, and scheduling tool you’ve been using for years.

  • Transparent: Enable users to easily find the right space for their exact needs and send real-time updates when a meeting is canceled or changed within Outlook

  • Self-Service Friendly: Manage attendees and book a space in the same interface, with support for recurring meetings.

  • Highly Configurable: Control what information is seen and what tasks users can perform.


Technical Specifications

Looking for more technical information on the EMS for Outlook – Microsoft(R) 365 integration? Visit the EMS product documentation site ( and search for “Microsoft 365” to access details on Installation, system requirements and configuration.


Because EMS for Outlook is an optional access point, organizations must configure EMS to activate the add-in for Outlook users. Each Outlook user must also have an active EMS user account, which will establish their room booking privileges based on their assigned EMS group and booking templates.


System Requirements
  • All user mailboxes must be created in or migrated to Exchange Online

  • All rooms that are to be available through EMS for Outlook Microsoft 365 must have

    room mailboxes in Exchange Online

  • EMS license must include EMS for Outlook, Exchange Room Integration and Exchange Room Sync Limit

  • Bi-directional or 2-way Exchange Room Integration must be configured and enabled for all rooms that will be booked with this add-in.

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