The Company

Eco-Site builds, owns, and operates hundreds of wireless towers and infrastructure sites nationwide. Founded in 2012 and based in Durham, North Carolina, the company offers single-point access to a nationwide pool of sites, including build-to-suit (BTS) towers, colocation solutions and retail properties. This unique approach provides carriers customized results to meet ever-changing network needs.

"The scalable site and project management provided by Siterra helps us to reach and serve new markets faster and more efficiently, facilitating our rapid growth and ensuring we continue to keep pace with ever-changing network needs in this evolving market.”
Brian Dietrich, VP of Operations


The Challenge

In a rapidly changing industry, this start up required a purpose-built telecom solution that would accommodate changes as its business model evolved. The solution needed to be easily deployable, connect tower site and asset information to enable fast project delivery, and provide scalability to allow for significant expected portfolio growth.

  • Lack of a centralized repository for tower site, asset, and project data
  • Aggressive growth plans necessitated projects be executed as quickly as possible
  • Needed a proven solution for small cell deployment and emerging densification market
"The flexibility in Siterra not only allows us to provide appropriate security when working with outside vendors, but also makes it easier for them to access the information they need. Accruent has saved us time and improved accuracy by ensuring everyone involved in projects is working from the same information.”


The Solution

Eco-Site uses Siterra comprehensively throughout the organization for site, asset, and project management. The centralized system simultaneously tracks more than 500 active projects at any one time, ranging from macro builds to densification to colocation, enabling the company to monitor them through all stages of identification and construction.

  • All project, asset, and role assignment information linked in a single source
  • Flexible templates for automated project and cross-project reporting
  • Data cross-checking with Google Maps to ensure location integrity procurement within work orders


"With Siterra, our customers can go from decision to execution in weeks instead of months or longer, which helps them gain a competitive advantage and keep their own customers happy.”
Brian Dietrich, VP of Operations


The Result

With Accruent’s Siterra solution, Eco-Site was able to centralize project and site information to quickly understand site operations and profitability, meet project timelines, and improve operational efficiency and performance. Siterra’s flexibility and scalability has easily accommodated changes in Eco-Site’s business model as the company expanded its portfolio and extended its operations into colocation and densification activities.

  • A single point of truth for tower, densification and colocation tasks
  • Scalability to handle a 50-fold increase in BTS projects
  • Increased adaptability for dynamic reaction to specific customer needs
  • Streamlined access to site inspection and incident information for compliance