The Company

This leading integrated hospital network in the Central U.S. provides state-of-the-art health care and medical services for a variety of specialties. It also provides behavioral health, home care, and hospice services..

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TMS has changed the payroll process for our team. Resulting in the saving of time and money. We are also able to perform information tracking through TMS, enabling us to make data-driven business decisions.
Facilities Service Center Coordinator


The Challenge

Before deploying TMS, Accruent’s healthcare facility and asset computerized maintenance management system (CMMS), the healthcare organization had inefficient, siloed data systems that were wasting employee time and company resources. Specifically, they struggled with:

  •     Timecard reports entered manually across seven locations and in multiple spreadsheets
  •     Hospital paying seven managers at various locations eight hours monthly at a rate of $45 to enter the timecard data
  •     Repeated manual entry errors
  •     Increased overtime for managers due to hours lost in the field
  •     Team not feeling supported due to manager’s lack of time
  •     Difficulty tracking external contractor information


The Solution

The hospital was able to replace its inefficient timecard reporting system and automatically centralize its data with TMS, so now it could work smarter by:

  •     Tracking all timecard data and labor hours within work orders
  •     Compiling all timecard data in a singular report
  •     Utilizing just one salaried staff member to create and review all reports
  •     Improving information tracking and collaboration with external vendors
  •     Reducing manual entry errors
  •     Making sound data-driven decisions


The Results

By using Accruent TMS, the healthcare organization saved an abundance of time, money, and resources resulting in:

  •     $100,000 in annual savings
  •     200% ROI from being able to transfer third-party vendor work in house
  •     An increase of 672 hours in technician productivity, including more time in the field