The Company

Since 1961, the Minnesota Twins have held the spotlight in Minnesota as the state’s only major league baseball team. The team plays at Target Field, which in 2010 was the first facility built specifically for the team. Owned by the Minnesota Ballpark Authority, Target Field spans 10.5 acres in downtown Minneapolis and consists of six separate levels totaling approximately one million square feet.

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360Facility allows for easy metrics to be put into place to track our success. We were able to establish a baseline SLA metric for our team to manage their work and prioritize their time.”
Gary Glawe, Senior Director of Ballpark Systems


The Challenge

Upon moving into Target Field, the Minnesota Twins sought a comprehensive facility maintenance management solution to keep the stadium game-day and event ready, as well as to help maintain the condition of the facility for years to come. As a public-facing facility, the Twins required a solution to meet its unique demands for events.

Key priorities included:

  • Establishing a better method to track on-site incidents
  • Providing access for employees outside of the facilities department
  • Creating links between emergency response plans and facility operations
360Facility is a full-time employee that doesn’t make a mistake, go on vacation or get sick. You can rely on it being a strong asset to maintain your facilities.”
Gary Glawe, Senior Director of Ballpark Systems


The Solution

FAMIS 360 was implemented as a comprehensive, web-based solution to meet the dynamic needs of the major league team. All staff members can now report facility issues, and the system automatically assigns the request to appropriate personnel. The solution streamlined the organization’s vendor management process, allowing external contractors direct access into the system to complete work. Furthermore, FAMIS 360 made it easy for the Twins to link inspections and incidents with work orders and keep them tracked within the maintenance log.

  • Detailed preventative maintenance programs for each asset
  • Integration of operating and emergency response plans
  • Monitoring and auditing of essential systems like fire mechanisms and AEDs


If we ever had an emergency event and had to evacuate the facility, we could access our emergency or business continuity plans anywhere we can get on the Internet.”
Gary Glawe, Senior Director of Ballpark Systems


The Result

Thanks to FAMIS 360, the Minnesota Twins were able to establish internal service-level agreements to optimize the facilities team’s efficiency and improve internal customer satisfaction. The safety of event attendees is increased because there is a single source of operating and emergency plans, and the organization ensures compliance and reduces risk by tracking certificates of insurance. The Twins also use FAMIS 360 to track capital projects, which enables the organization to understand critical costs and progress on long-term projects.

  • Created comprehensive reactive and preventive maintenance plans
  • Better understanding of key costs and progress on capital and facilities projects
  • Streamlined emergency preparedness planning and procedures
  • Improved tracking of incidents, with work orders initiated automatically as needed