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One of the biggest concerns when making a technology upgrade is that of preserving existing and previous data. MSU’s FAMIS team determined it important to keep their historical records used on the previous FAMIS platform.

Accruent’s Professional Services team charted out a plan of action that would allow the MSU-Billings to successfully migrate their old data to the new platform in a timely manner.

The plan also required MSU to review their existing data setup to correct certain flawed processes, and make the system ready for the new cloud-based platform.

With painstaking attention-to-detail, and constant support from the Professional Services consultants, MSU was able to rectify the errors that existed in the system for over 12 years.

The data migration project opened up a timely opportunity for MSU to put in place correct data processes and organization, that would save the team hundreds of man-hours and enhance overall functionality.

The MSU team noted, “When we are live with FAMIS Cloud, everything will be in the right place.”