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Published: Sep 14 2018

New York Power Authority (NYPA)

The Company

Energizing Engineering Productivity and Collaboration Across Power Generation Sites

Based in White Plains, New York, New York Power Authority (NYPA) is the largest state-operated power provider in the United States. The company’s infrastructure includes 16 power generating facilities and more than 1,400 circuit-miles of transmission lines. This infrastructure is designed and maintained by hundreds of engineers who are responsible for the design of extending power plants and transmission systems, and the upgrade or overhaul of power units and systems.

"Meridian has proven to be a valuable boost to productivity. Engineering information management is an important way to create the integration that is needed to be more productive.”

The Challenge

The pressure of a more competitive power marketplace and the massive refurbishing of various NYPA facilities demanded a more streamlined and integrated CAD and maintenance process across the company’s five independent sites. Major new projects required easier management and exchange of engineering information between sites and vendors.

  • Access to and transfer of engineering data between sites was difficult and time-consuming.
  • Design data was not easily accessible to maintenance engineers in the field.
  • CAD documents were not quickly available for third-party vendors to view, print, and edit.

The Solution

NYPA manages approximately 60,000 engineering drawings with Meridian, including a large volume of scanned drawings. These files can now be viewed and printed from workstations without needing to have CAD software installed.

  • Robust, highly-scalable engineering information management.
  • Single common user interface to support users with various skill levels.
  • Legacy data imported from multiple sources, including databases and file systems.


“The growing complexity of our projects and increasing federal and state legislation required us to streamline our work processes.”


The Result

Design engineers across the state now have a common user interface, standardized workflow, full searching and reporting capabilities, and important title block importing. In this way, the implementation of Meridian has simplified the management of engineering information for NYPA.

  • Share up-to-date engineering information easily between five company sites.
  • Save time with full searching and reporting capabilities.
  • Secure access to engineering information via a single, unified interface.
  • Streamline work processes and increase productivity.
  • Meet increasingly complex federal and state regulations more quickly.

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