Buyer’s Guide to Engineering Document Management Solutions

Looking for an engineering document management (EDM) solution? Look to this guide for helpful tips to consider during your search process to ensure success.

Everything you need to find, evaluate and purchase the right EDM Solution for your business

In the built environment, man-made structures appear relatively fixed – but underneath their facade they are constantly being worked on and repaired. Consider large production facilities like oil and gas refineries, pharmaceutical factories and manufacturing plants. Designing and building such a facility, while a massive undertaking, is just the first step in its lifecycle. Over time, fixtures need to be replaced, broken items must be repaired, and old assets require updates. And this all takes place in a high-stakes environment fraught with the potential for hazardous situations and inordinate costs.

That’s why it’s crucial for maintenance teams to have streamlined access to comprehensive engineering documentation. By having a full picture of the exact rendering of a building and property, including any revisions made during the construction process, maintenance can ensure that it performs its work safely and efficiently.

In this eBook, you'll find:
  • An overview of why EDM is important to your business
  • A comprehensive solution capabilities checklist
  • Tips for choosing the right EDM vendor
  • A complete vendor evaluation checklist
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