Why Enterprise Document Management Software is Insufficient for Engineering Content

Learn why you need specific engineering document management software to handle engineering documents' more dynamic and complex nature.

In the world of document management, a wide range of software is available, whether for general or more specialized purposes. For many organizations, it can be a considerable challenge to manage their asset information with off-the-shelf enterprise document management software.

Learn how Accruent's engineering document management system differs from generic enterprise document management software by managing engineering information throughout the entire asset lifecycle. All mission-critical engineering documentation is stored within a single system which can be made available to the extended organization and connects operations and maintenance departments seamlessly to engineering to work safely and efficiently. Meridian provides a comprehensive EDMS solution that ensures 24/7 access to technical documentation, so users can break down information silos, integrate departments, and increase operational excellence.

In this eBook, you’ll find:
  • Unique characteristics of engineering content
  • Multi-Cad and BIM integration requirements
  • Specifics of engineering related business processes
  • Managing the complexity of asset-document relations to prove complete control
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