July 11, 2018

Accruent Launches Accruent Academy

Explore Accruent Academy, a continuous training resource with curriculum to drive user adoption, ROI and meet compliance regulations.

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A continuous training resource to drive user adoption, ROI and meet compliance regulations.

Austin, Texas, July 11, 2018 – Accruent, the world’s leading provider of physical resource management solutions, announced today the global launch of the Accruent Academy Learning Center, a continuous training resource for customers. The Academy includes courses ranging from small classroom settings and train-the-trainer sessions to large training solutions with role-based, eLearning training in multiple languages that can be utilized by a customer’s learning management system.

“The actual finish line in a technology implementation is when the company achieves increased productivity or meets the business goals they developed ahead of time", according to Embracing New Technology – Achieving High End-User Adoption. When implementing a new solution within an organization, change management and user adoption are key components to ensuring a successful implementation and a better return on investment. By offering a variety of training options from in-classroom to digital continuous learning platforms, Accruent is accelerating product usage throughout global organizations.

“New software solutions present a change management challenge for organizations,” says Stephanie Verhulst, Academy Director, Accruent. “Different users have different roles in using the software, so we are enabling users to learn exactly what they need at their own pace.”

The curriculum includes best practices from Accruent’s user community. As a result, users do not have to figure out everything for themselves, but are guided on how to configure the system in the right way for their company. The training courses – initially for Accruent’s lease accounting and engineering information management solutions – are developed by Accruent instructors with years of experience and are modeled on how customers are using the software. Accruent Academy will continue to expand to other product families including its Internet of Things platform and capital planning software.

“When a company introduces new technology, it has a huge impact on their business processes,” said John Borgerding, CEO, Accruent. “By investing heavily in a training program, we are affirming our commitment to our customers because they are not just purchasing a product; they are using our technology to help them execute on their mission.”

Some training courses include certification to ensure users have absorbed an appropriate level of working knowledge of the software.

There are four curriculum versions available to customers:

  • Fundamentals which is quick training to ensure users are comfortable within the product.
  • Blended which is a combination of eLearning and virtual training.
  • eLearning which allows self-learning at the user’s convenience and at the user’s own pace.
  • Instructor-led which is offered in a classroom environment.

Accruent’s continuous learning program ensures that large groups of users can start working with the software at the same time. Users are not restricted by classroom size or by waiting for all users to understand each step before advancing in the training. Another benefit of continuous learning is in mitigating the risks associated with staff turnover. With continuous learning, Accruent can onboard and train new employees to ensure there are no gaps, especially for system administration.

When appropriate, Accruent offers customized eLearning by working closely with customers to develop training that includes their Standard Operating Procedures. In addition, for companies that must be compliant with specific regulations, Accruent can monitor and track successful training completion. In addition, users can create and export reports to track successful training completion for audit purposes.

Accruent Academy Learning Center is available immediately worldwide.

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