November 1, 2022

Accruent Releases Easily Implemented Energy Management Solution for Facilities of All Types

The smart energy management solution provides users with the data they need to effectively manage risk, reach energy consumption targets, lower costs, and meet carbon-neutral goals

Accruent Releases Easily Implemented Energy Management Solution for Facilities of All Types

Austin, TX, November 1, 2022 – Accruent, the leading provider of solutions to unify the built environment, today announced the release of Accruent Observe for Energy Management. The powerful smart energy management solution will provide users with the data they need to monitor energy consumption, combat rising costs, meet carbon neutral goals, and remain agile in today’s volatile energy market. Better energy management decision-making will ultimately help organizations remain competitive and reduce the need to pass their own energy expenditures on to their customers in the form of higher prices.

Accruent Observe for Energy Management will help users accomplish these goals with forward-thinking features like:  

  • Holistic energy consumption dashboards and alerting for proactive responses to consumption anomalies
  • Automated workflows triggered by energy bills, meter data, and high energy consuming assets
  • Project tracking and baseline modeling for accurate consumption measurement
  • Weather normalization to help create facility benchmarks and consistent points of comparison among facilities
  • Smart alerts to “cut through the noise” and simplify proactive decision-making

In addition, because Accruent Observe Energy Management is built on the device-agnostic vx Observe platform, implementation can be faster and easier than many other energy management solutions. For organizations with multiple locations containing similar assets, additional locations can be brought online in a matter of minutes. Such an ability to implement quickly and successfully can significantly reduce the time needed for users to recognize value by actively managing energy consumption and spend.

This functionality is crucial in today’s market, as organizations around the globe look closely at their energy profiles and search for opportunities to increase resilience, decarbonize, reduce risk, and lower costs. In this context, a smart energy management solution like Accruent Observe for Energy Management could even hold the key to unlocking the potential of greater grid interactivity and breaking down current energy management barriers and pressures.

Of the release, Adrian Turner, Accruent’s Senior Director of Product Management, explains, "Managing energy spending and understanding your organization's Co2 impact is increasingly important. As organizations across the world wrestle with ambitious operational and sustainability commitments, it’s more critical than ever that they choose the right solution to help their journey.”

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