See how robust CMMS reporting and analytics features can help maximize transparency across your organization and help you to identify maintenance process inefficiencies and cost savings opportunities.

What are some key CMMS reporting and analytics features? In this short video, we’ll answer this question, as well as explain how the right features can help organizations to: 

  • Set the most important key performance indicators (KPIs) and get real-time updates to measure performance 
  • Create visual and PDF reports to share with teammates and improve understanding and collaboration throughout the organization 
  • Identify maintenance process inefficiencies and cost saving opportunities 
  • Create inventory and spare parts reports to maximize visibility and ensure that parts are not lost, over-ordered, run low, or experience inventory-related asset downtime 
  • Easily see which work orders have been completed, what parts were used, and what repairs have been made 
  • Understand assets’ expected lifespan, history, and current requirements and use this information to make informed capital planning and budgeting decisions 
  • Maintain complete maintenance logs to ensure audit readiness and compliance

Watch the video now to learn more. You can also delve deeper into the subject by reading ourKnowledge Hub article. 

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