Expesite Mobile Demo


Expesite Mobile Demo

This is a construction project manager, let’s call him Jeff. He loves Expesite, Accruent’s project management solution. Expesite allows Jeff and his team to track a complex portfolio of projects and Expesite has helped him increase the number of projects completed on-time and on-budget each year. Jeff’s one problem – each time Jeff visits a project site he has to lug a laptop and his camera and his notes around in order to collect all of the necessary project data. Needless to say, this bogs down Jeff and his team. Wouldn’t it be great if Expesite had a mobile app that Jeff could use on his iPad in instead? Haven’t you heard Jeff, it does! Expesite already makes project management a breeze and with Expesite mobile it gets even easier. The landing page contains all of the sites and projects you can access. When you dive into a site, you can access documents and projects associated with that site. As you’re tracking your project in real-time, you can assess and update milestones, assign a team member to this milestone, update the date, or mark it as complete. With each change you have the option to notify team members of the progress of the project. To increase your overall efficiency, capitalize on the shortcut capability. After updating the project milestones, collect valuable documentation in the form of photos. Add notes and mark-ups to photos and documents, such as blueprints to call attention to project needs. Then ensure your team is aware of what they need to do by assigning tasks. Tasks can be reassigned or the due date changed to reflect the changing needs. So what do you think Jeff? With Expesite mobile and the project management toolkit, Jeff and his team can increase their efficiency, helping to open more locations and drive more revenue. Not bad Jeff! I think he likes it!

With Accruent you have the tools to shape the world around you. If you’re interested in learning more about Expesite mobile, please reach out to your Accruent account representative or reach out to us at 512.861.0726!

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