Learn how Data Insights utilizes aggregated asset data to help hospitals make the best purchasing decisions to optimize capital and equipment planning.

Data Insights is a capital planning solution that uses big data and machine learning from over 5.2 million assets and 161 million work orders to create a reliable data set. This data provides deep insights to optimize your medical equipment purchasing and capital planning decisions.

Watch this four-minute demo to see first-hand how it works as we walk you through a medical device reliability report in detail. Specifically, you will see:

  • The percentage of hospitals using this device
  • Device reliability statistics, such as mean time between failures, average labor hours, and overall score
  • Ways to predict the materials needed to maintain the device over its lifecycle
  • KPIs such as median life expectancy, probable survival by age, and average tech time on corrective and preventive activities by year
  • How to compare different models based on a total cost of ownership perspective  
  • Benchmarks, so you know how your device stacks up against others in the industry
  • Any known asset-security vulnerabilities
  • How to budget for parts so you can better forecast your material needs