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6 Reasons Why Generic Content Management Systems are Not Enough

See why ECMs are not well-suited for engineering documentation and how making the switch to an EDMS will benefit your organization in a myriad of ways.

Does your organization use off-the-shelf enterprise content management tools such as SharePoint, OpenText, Filenet, or Documentum to manage your engineering documentation? If so, you probably experience difficulty managing your complex and constantly changing engineering information with these generic enterprise content management systems. Issues can arise around the lack of building information management (BIM) integration, inability to manage concurrent engineering updates for facility modifications, and the cumbersome process of linking assets with engineering documentation. Typically, these systems are built to manage documents that are not complex and undergo very little change e.g. legal and financial information.

Your organization needs a purpose-built engineering document management software to ensure compliance, control engineering project costs, improve safety, protect your brand reputation and extend the lifespans of decade-old assets.

Watch this webinar where we discuss:

  • What are the unique characteristics of engineering content vs other content
  • Impact of using multi-CAD integrations within a tool
  • Enabling collaboration with internal departments with established workflows
  • Best practices for overcoming the difficulty of maintaining asset-document relations
  • How to ensure compliance with regulatory bodies with document standards
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