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Overcoming Data Challenges in the Oil and Gas Industry

Learn how Meridian can help oil and gas companies increase the security and overall quality of their mission-critical documents for greater success.

Offshore oil and gas operators experience, on average, a loss of $49 million annually due to unplanned downtime. With 24/7 access to accurate engineering documentation, oil and gas companies can maintain their equipment and assets better to maximize their uptime.

The Meridian solution helps oil and gas companies increase security and overall quality of their mission-critical documents by managing their increasingly complex CAD documents and ensuring compliance with standard internal procedures.

Meridian helps oil & gas companies like Shell, Total, Bluewater and many more run their refineries, oil rigs, and pipelines efficiently, safely, sustainably, and profitably

During the webinar we discuss:

  • How to ensure accurate, up-to-date information sharing between maintenance and operations
  • Managing engineering drawings used for concurrent engineering projects to avoid delays
  • Collaborating with external contractors in the cloud during an engineering project
  • Integrating capabilities with various asset management systems for full asset visibility


Saleeth Muhammed
Saleeth Muhammed
Account Manager, Precast FZCO
Marijana Eijkenaar
Marijana Eijkenaar
Director Channel Sales, Accruent
Zaki Sabbagh
Zaki Sabbagh
General Manager, Precast Technologies
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