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Are Your Events and Facilities Teams as Connected as They Should Be?

Explore how event and facilities teams can integrate workflows to ensure work orders are created, updated, and tracked to deliver a better client experience.

For many event teams in higher education, delivering an event experience as planned is a true juggling act. You have to organize getting and giving the right information from and to the client, stakeholders, service providers, billing and finance. The list goes on and varies from institution to institution.

While a version of this has always been the reality for many, the circumstances of 2020 add an extra layer of complication to the process as teams are looking ahead and planning (and backup planning) for how to bring events back in 2021.

In this webinar, we explore how event teams and facilities teams can join their workflows together to ensure that work orders are created, updated and tracked to closure in the same tool you use every day, and discuss the benefits to be realized on both sides. We demonstrate how Accruent’s EMS space and resource scheduling solution and FAMIS 360 work order management solution integrate to simplify working together and ultimately deliver a better customer experience.

This Webinar Covers:

  • How event teams can deliver better client experiences working with their facilities teams
  • How facilities teams can improve SLAs and revenue creation by optimizing service delivery
  • What connecting events and facilities workflows looks like
  • Demonstration of the new EMS work order creation with FAMIS 360
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