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Asset Criticality: A Pillar of Reliability

Watch Asset Criticality: A Pillar of Reliability to learn more about the DIPF curve, inherent reliability & availability, maintenance strategy alignment, asset priority vs criticality, and more.

Most of us have heard about the term “digital transformation” and understand the basic goals and best practices that come with it. But how do you really modernize your maintenance and reliability (M&R) operations to become more predictive and efficient over time?

Watch part 2 of our discussion on maintenance & reliability in 2022, Asset Criticality: A Pillar of Reliability.

Hear from Senior Product Marketing Manager, Frederic Baudart who discusses:

  • The DIPF curve
  • Inherent reliability & availability
  • Maintenance strategy alignment
  • Asset priority vs criticality
  • Criticality assessments and your maintenance program
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