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Bending CMMS to the P-F Curve

Explore the P-F curve from a new angle. Watch this on-demand webinar to review the basics of the P-F curve, inherent reliability and availability, how CMMS fits into the P-F Curve, and more.

Most of us have heard about the term “digital transformation” and understand the basic goals and best practices that come with it. But how do you really modernize your maintenance and reliability (M&R) operations to become more predictive and efficient over time?

Manufacturing technicians know when your assets are failing – they can hear the machine’s noises change, they can feel the vibration shift. But can they address the issue as proactively and effectively as possible?

In this webinar, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Frederic Baudart explores the P-F curve from a new angle, discussing:

  • The basics of the P-F curve
  • Inherent reliability and availability
  • How to Adopt before you Adapt
  • How CMMS fits into the P-F curve
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