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Concurrent Engineering – Coordinating Changes in a Dynamic World

Explore how Meridian's concurrent engineering can benefit your organization by enabling accurate document changes among teams.

Your documentation for critical equipment must always be accurate and accountable. You need the most complete information to ensure changes are done in a controlled manner.  

Critical documents can require a single-threaded change, meaning only one change at a time can be considered. For most documents, a more agile approach can be used, with multiple controlled changes being executed and made available for those in the field who need to access the most updated version. However, the agile approach to concurrent engineering truly excels when long-running projects need to coexist with smaller changes related to work orders.  

In this webinar, we will demonstrate how Meridian enables concurrent engineering and how this can improve your project and maintenance processes.  

This webinar covers:

  • How Meridian enables accurate engineering changes
  • What the implications of concurrent engineering mean for your organization
  • How concurrent engineering benefits engineering, manufacturing and project management teams
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